The School Photographers

Primary & High School Portraiture

Our team of school photographers are ready for schools of any size, we have duplicates of all the backdrops allowing us to photograph 2 classes simultaneously.  This means we can photograph the school in half the time with less disruption to the class schedules.

Below are our current backdrop options for Primary & High Schools, if you have something else in mind please feel free to chat to us, as we are always open to new fresh ideas.

Primary School Photos
Wall of Maps
Funky School Portraits
Paint Splatter
Science theme School Portraits
Science Lab
Classical school photos
Classic Classroom
Fun School Photos
Graffiti Wall
Classic School Photos
Traditional School Portrait
Traditional Blue
Elegant School Photos
Traditional Brown

We have are able to cater for all of your school photography needs, from Sports & groups, to prize givings, concerts and GrR Graduations.  Be sure to chat to us about all of your schools requirements.